Sophia Kawada and Barbara McGrath from SUA IT have created some very useful manuals for both students and faculty on using Zoom within classes. These manuals are linked below.

Student Zoom Guide


Instructor Zoom Guide: 


Also based on training sessions during March, a list of FAQ’s has been compiled from questions faculty asked during the training. This Zoom FAQ is available here: https://soka.box.com/s/bnzulriq300wmdtd334urhrzqdi64t8t

More basic information on Zoom and other resources are below in the following sections.

Zoom is a very versatile videoconferencing software which many are already using. Students only need a link to click into a class and it will support live videoconferencing with your entire class, as well as screen sharing (for slides), screen annotation, and also even supports breakout groups.  You can get an overview of Zoom with this splashy video below.

Zoom is our preferred platform as it offers the greatest ease of use. It can be used in a standalone mode as a videoconferencing program, and also has been integrated into Brightspace. The IT team will be training faculty in using both modes during our sessions this week. 

Below are some useful links for learning more about Zoom:

Breakout Rooms. The above video provides a very easy to learn guide for using Breakout Rooms within zooms for small-group discussions within a class. Faculty can arrange students into small groups and have them work among themselves, and then come back together as a full group to discuss with the class.

Using ipad Shared Whiteboard for Office Hours. This video shows how to set up an ipad or tablet within a Zoom session to allow for interactive teaching with students in an office hour or for equations and other written items. (contributed by John Min).

Other forms of whiteboards for use in teaching. Zoom has its own built in Whiteboard for writing while teaching, but there are many other possible software systems for using a whiteboard. This site has a diverse range of options that you migth be able to consider.

https://soka.brightspace.com/d2l/le/content/15363/viewContent/579169/View. (contributed by Esther Chang).