Our Contribution

to Scientific Knowledge

What we have done so far

We have so far been studying transients like supernovae and classical novae most seriously, but we are also have done work with distance calculations of asteroids, transits of exoplanets, and variability analysis with binary systems.


Tests with the Prime Focus color imaging

This is a picture of the Helix Nebula taken with our Soka University Nieves Observatory, using our Edge 11″ Celestron telescope operating at a f/2.2…

A New Diamond in the Sky: Nova Carinae 2018

The classical nova ASASSN-18fv (Nova Carinae 2018) was discovered by the All Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae on 2018 March 21, based on images taken…

A Cosmic Explosion: Supernova 2017cbv

During the semester, while taking an astrophysics class with Professor Penprase, a transient astronomical event occurred: a star exploded some 41 million light years away.…