The final program for the WCAAS 2018 meeting at Soka University of America is now available! Click here for the final program.

When browsing the program, please observe the following points:

  • Please let us know if there are any errors or omissions.
  • We are only able to rearrange panels under exceptional circumstances.  We have received a large number of requests for specific times and days, and at this point are not able to accommodate specific requests.  Moving one panel means moving another, which then may upset the schedules of other participants.  Thank you for your understanding.
  • Note that panels may change somewhat.  Especially if some panelists are unable to attend, we may need to rearrange things a bit.
  • We hope to have a finalize program available in mid-September.
  • Please be sure to register to remain on the program and ensure your spot at the WCAAS meeting.  Also, make sure to reserve your room at the conference hotel!

Panel Roles / Presentation FAQ

  • Panel Chair: The job of the panel chair is to introduce the panel, keep time, and manage the discussion following the presentations.  Given that the panels are 90 mins long and have 3-4 papers each, it is recommended that panel chairs enforce a 15-minute time limit on each presenter (perhaps 20 mins in a 3-paper panel).  Chairs should communicate time preferences at least two weeks before the conference takes place.
  • Discussant: Conference and disciplines vary in their use of discussants, and sometimes regional conferences do not have them at all.  On one hand, having formal discussants is lots of work for the discussant and means that panelists must complete a paper well in advance of the meeting.  On the other hand, discussants tend to offer especially important insights and critiques to the papers, as well connecting the panel as a whole.  WCAAS 2018 will feature informal discussant roles, essentially leaving this up to the discussant and paper presenters.  We encourage chair / discussants to reach out to the presenters early on to communicate their preferences, and we also encourage paper presenters who have papers ready at least ten days prior to their presentation to send their papers to the chair/discussant.  Just don’t be the person who sends a paper to the discussant a day or two before!!
  • Presenters: Presenters opting to use PPT or other technology should bring their materials with them on a USB flashdrive (presenters at any conference should never rely on email, although internet access will be available).  Each room will have a large flatscreen and computer loaded with Windows.  Presenters should be mindful of time, not going beyond the time communicated by the panel chair.