INTS Faculty

Shane J. Barter

(PhD University of British Columbia)

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Assistant Professor of Comparative Politics
Associate Director, Pacific Basin Research Center

Research Interests:

Comparative Politics, Southeast Asia, Armed Conflict, Democracy, Religion & Politics


Courses Taught:

Introduction to Southeast Asian Studies (INTS 150); Democracy & Democratization (INTS/POLI 305); State & Society (INTS/POLI 365); Political Islam (INTS 381); Armed Conflict in Southeast Asia (INTS 450); Political Buddhism (INTS 390: Special Topics); Introduction to the Pacific Basin

Hong-Yi Chen

(PhD University of California Berkeley)
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Professor of Economics


Research Interests:

Development Economics, Institutional Economics, Pacific Asian and China’s Economic Development


Courses Taught:

Principles of Economics (INTS/ECON 100); China’s Economic Development & Economic Reform (INTS/ECON 262); Economic Development in Pacific Asia (INTS/ECON 321); Economic Development (INTS 361/ECON 330); Microeconomics (ECON 301); Introduction to the Pacific Basin; Core II

Lisa MacLeod

(PhD University of Denver)
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Associate Professor of International Studies


Research Interests:

The United Nations & Security Council Politics, UN Peace Operations, Human Rights, and International Law


Courses Taught:

Introduction to International Relations (INTS 111); Introduction to Peace Studies (INTS 114); Introduction to Human Rights (INTS 205); The United Nations and World Politics (INTS 304); Peace & Conflict Resolution (INTS 310); International Law (INTS 322); Learning Cluster; The American Experience

Dongyoung Hwang

(PhD Duke University)
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Professor of Asian Studies


Research Interests:

Radicalism and Nationalism in Twentieth Century Eastern Asia, The Guomindang Leftists in the 1920s, and Wartime Collaboration in China during the Pacific War


Courses Taught:

East Asia: A Historical Survey (INTS 120/HIST 140); History of East Asian-American Relations (INTS/HIST 221); Modern China: Roots of Revolution (INTS 261/HIST 231); Third World & The West (INTS 283/HIST 234); Ideas of East & West (INTS 316/HIST 315); Women in East Asia (INTS/HIST 326); Modern China in Literature & Film (INTS/HIST 330); China Since 1949 (INTS 333/HIST 335); The Emergence of Modern Japan (INTS/HIST 371); Introduction to the Pacific Basin

Ian Olivo Read

(PhD Stanford University)
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Associate Professor of Latin American Studies

Director of International Studies


Research Interests:

Brazil, Latin America, history, health and disease


Courses Taught:

Introduction to Latin American Studies (INTS 130);  US-Latin American Relations (INTS 210); Brazil, Mexico, and the Nation (INTS 303); Political Economy of Latin America (INTS/SBS 323); Plagues & Peoples (INTS 410); The Americas in the Era of Slavery (INTS/HUM 390: Special Topics); Introduction to the Pacific Basin

Michael Weiner

(PhD University of Sheffield)
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Professor of East Asian History and International Studies
Associate Dean of Faculty


Research Interests:

Current research interest include the history of medicine in Japan with particular reference to the social history of leprosy and leprosy control. A co-authored article that compares disease control in modernizing states (Chile and Japan) is currently in progress, and a single authored monograph, A Social History of Leprosy and Leprosy Control in Japan, is planned. A second book (edited) project, Race and Ethnicity in Asia, will be published by Routledge.


Courses Taught:

The Emergence of Modern Japan (INTS/HIST 371); Media & Society in Pacific Asia (INTS 345); War & Memory in Pacific Asia (INTS 405); Human Rights & Civil Society in East Asia (INTS 406); Introduction to the Pacific Basin

Sarah England*

(PhD University of California Davis)
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Associate Professor of Anthropology
Title IX and Section 504 Deputy Coordinator for Students


Research Interests:

Cultural Anthropology, history and ethnography of Central America, Gender and Sexuality, Race and Racism, Central American immigrants and the deportation regime. Author of Afro-Central Americans in New York City: Garifuna Tales of Transnational Movements in Racialized Space (University Press of Florida, 2006). Currently working on a book about media representations of violence against women in Guatemala for Lexington Books.


Courses Taught:

Introduction to Latin American Studies (INTS 130); Latin American/US Transnational Migration (INTS 313); Inequality, Repression, and Resistance in Central America (INTS 325); Indigenous Peoples of Latin America (INTS 335); Gender & Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspective (INTS 348); Race & Ethnicity (INTS 385); Violence and Oppression in Latin America (INTS 404)


*Affiliate Member of International Studies