Dr. Shane J. Barter

Associate Professor, Soka University of America
Director, Pacific Basin Research Center

I am a Political Scientist (PhD: UBC 2011) teaching in International Studies at Soka University of America, where I serve as Director of the Pacific Basin Research Center.  I have worked for Asian Human Rights NGOs (Forum Asia) as well as the Carter Center, the Canadian Government, and the European Union.  My research and teaching interests related to politics in Southeast Asia, armed conflict, state and society, democratization, and religious politics.


Civilian Strategy in Civil War

Cover FinalMy books include Civilian Strategy in Civil War: Insights from Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines (Palgrave 2014, available here), Explaining the Genetic Footprint of Catholic and Protestant Colonizers (Palgrave 2015, available here), and The Pacific Basin: An Introduction (co-edited with Michael Weiner, Routledge 2017, available here).

Check out my Google Scholar page here,and my CV here (updated March 2019).