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University of California, San Diego

Lecturer, 2000

Literature Department

Course taught: Urban Legends: the Role of the City in Narrative (a self-designed upper-division course on the role of urban space in film and literature from the nineteenth-century to the present), Italian Neorealism and its Latin American Legacy (a self-designed lower-division course on the role of the genre of Italian neorealism on Latin American film and literature).


Lecturer, Fall – Spring 1999 – 2000

Eleanor Roosevelt College Writing Program

Courses taught: The Making of the Modern World Writing Program (a six-quarter lower-division writing and humanities course, emphasizing cross-currents of thought between East and West from antiquity to the present); The Classical Tradition, The Medieval Heritage, Renaissance to Enlightenment.


TA Consultant 1997 – 1999

Center for Teaching Development, UC San Diego.

Taught public speaking skills. Led orientations on teaching sections for new graduate student teachers. Provided peer review and counseling services.


Instructor/Teaching Assistant 1996 – 1997

Courses taught: Film, Literature and History Series (a lower-division three-quarter survey of French, German and Italian national film and literary traditions), La Frontera/The Border (a freshmen writing course designed around texts on the U.S./Mexico border), First-Year Composition and Rhetoric (Warren Writing Program).