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Stanford University

Lecturer, 2005 – 2008 

Program in Writing and Rhetoric

Courses taught:  PWR1, The Rhetoric of U.S. Teen Culture (Spring 2005, Spring 2006); PWR2, Reel Life: the Rhetoric of Documentary Film (Fall 2005, Winter 2006)


Lecturer, Fall 2000 – 2005

Introduction to the Humanities Program

Course taught: Tradition and Revolution (a survey of classical Greek and Roman drama and epic poetry and their influence on renaissance literary and dramatic forms), Serious Laughter (a two-quarter survey of ancient Greek and Roman comedy, rhetoric and satire), Roots and Routes (a two-quarter Latin American Literature course), Literature of Crisis (Introduction to Literature Survey course), The Art of Survival (Race, Gender and Strategies for Survival in Literature).


Lecturer, 2000 – 2005

Continuing Studies Program

Courses taught: Introduction to Ancient Rome (Fall 2002), Plato’s Republic (Winter 2002) , Nietzsche in the 21st Century (Spring, 2001, Spring 2003, Spring 2005), Ancient and Modern Metamorphosis in Literature (Fall 2001), Introduction to Roman Literature (Summer 2003)


Guest Lecturer, 2005, 2006, Spring quarter

SLE Program, Keynote lecture on Nietzsche


Writing Consultant, 2004-2005

English Department; Writing in the Majors Program


Lecturer, Winter 2004

Human Biology, Writing for Human Biology Majors


Lecturer, Summer 2003

Educated Program for Gifted Youth, Introduction to Utopian Literature