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Ford Foundation Grant for Visible Evidence Buenos Aires (August 2 – 6) 2017.

Pacific Basin Research Center, Research Grant for Visible Evidence Buenos Aires (August 2 – 6) 2017.

Pacific Basin Research Center, Research Grant for Justice and the Disappearing Archive: the Archive of the Military Junta Trial (April 1985), 2011.

Pacific Basin Research Center, Research Grant for The Condor Years and Documentary book project, 2009.

Stanford Institute for Creativity in the Arts (SICA), Curricular Innovation Grant. The Stanford Multimedia Literacy Project (Kristi Wilson, Andrea Lunsford, Alyssa O’Brien, Christine Alfano) 2008.

Stanford Institute for Creativity and the Arts (SICA), The Stanford Storytelling Project (Jonah Willihnganz, Andrea Lunsford, Kristi Wilson, Doree Allen, Eric Puchner) 2007-2008.

Katherine S. Kovács book award nomination from the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (2007-2008) for Italian Neorealism and Global Cinema. 

Fellowship in the Humanities. Stanford University, Introduction to the Humanities Program, 2000-2003.

University of California Humanities Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship. Theme: “Race in Early-Modern and Ancient Contexts.” Led by Margo Hendricks. UC Irvine, Winter quarter, 2000-2001.

UC Berkeley Summer Research Institute Fellowship. Theme: “Antigone, Gender, and Kinship.” Led by Judith Butler. July 1999.

Horst Frenz Prize for best graduate student paper. American Comparative Literature Association. Montreal, April, 1999.

  • Paper given: “Nietzsche, Euripides, Philology, and Philosophy in the Age of Graecomania.”

Stanford University Research Support Travel Grant. 2001.

Humanities Center Graduate Fellowship. UC San Diego, 1999.

Finalist Fulbright Fellowship to France, 1998.

Dissertation Fellowship. UC San Diego, 1998.

Research Fellow

  • Topic: German Orientalisms. Department of Literature, 1998-1999.

Graduate Student Association Grant. UC San Diego. (For the organization of Intersections: a conference on interdisciplinarity), 1997.

Players’ Club Choice Award for Tanguedia. San Francisco State University, Drama Department, 1997.