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Association for Psychological Science 2018

APS 2018

This is my latest research collaboration, with Yuying Tsong from Cal State Fullerton. We developed a measure of parental involvement in youth’s weight management goals. There was a lot of interest in the topic during the poster session.

Western Psychological Association 2017

Jianmin and Shota, Class of 2017 seniors and research assistants of mine this year, presented their work at WPA in Sacramento on the day that their capstone was due.

This presentation was Jianmin’s senior capstone study: Shao, J.* & Chang, E.S. Psychological Adjustment of Chinese LGB Individuals: Effects of Minority Stress and Perceived Social Support from Friends and Family. Poster submitted to be presented at the  biennial meetings of the  Western Psychological Association, Sacramento, April, 2017. [Copy of presentation: WPA 2017 Social support]

The second presentation was an analysis of the life goals of sexual minority emerging adults in contemporary China. Shao, J.*, Kawasaki, S., & Chang, E.S. Where is the Future?: Life Goals of Chinese LGB young adults. Poster submitted to be presented at the biennial meetings of the Western Psychological Association, Sacramento, April, 2017. [Copy of presentation: WPA 2017 Life Goals]

* This student author was selected by the WPA Program Review Committee for the 2017 Western Psychological Foundation Student Scholarship Award.

IMG_0806Congratulations Jianmin!


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