For informal mentors to report on relationships with youth for educational goals

Shared Agency
I encourage — to pursue his/her own educational goals
I try to cheer up — when he/she is having a hard time at school
I try to motivate — to accomplish his/her educational goals
When — falls short of his/her educational goals, I give him/her the confidence to try harder
— seeks my support after making important education-related decisions
— turns to me for comfort when he/she does not do well in school
Non-shared Agency  
I give — many suggestions on how he/she should manage his/her daily school activities*
I try to make — do what I think is best for his/her education
I always have to tell — what should be done about his/her education
I try to make — see why he/she did not accomplish his/her educational goals
Chang & Germo (in press). Generative Concerns and Shared Agency with Foster Youth for Education: Volunteers’ Strategies for Building Trust and Commitment.

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Congrats to my Capstone Students of XX

This is Lucero….she is a data analyst hidden underneath. Her capstone was an attempt to understand cultural variations and similarities between Mexico and the US in K-pop fan behaviors. She surveyed US and Mexican self-identified Kpop fans and we both learned that she really likes to work on SPSS and is fantastic at data analysis! When Lucero asked me to be her capstone mentor, I was thrilled! I always saw her around the bistro and she played a big role in student affairs for my Core 1 class at one point. I wondered why she only took Intro Psych? I hope that by working with me Lucero realizes (that I don’t bite) her potential as a critical thinker and number cruncher!!!!

I’ve had much more time with Chhusang…She is a Nepali superwoman! I have had her in class since Core 1. The fondest memory I have of her is when she arrived to my office all dressed up to do her final oral exam in Core 1. She was so nervous and so professional at the same time! I remember thinking that Chhusang was going to do well at Soka, and I was right (self-fulfilling prophecy? I hope so!). Chhusang self-selected to endure the grind of my Core 2 and came back to me in Cross-Cultural Psychology, a course that she thrived in! She independently conducted two capstone studies, one while on study abroad and another during the capstone year. She will present her study 1 at WPA (on self-efficacy and achievement in young women) and we plan on doing Study 2 (leadership and androgyny in females) again online with adults!

Thank you both Lucero and Chhusang for the opportunity to be part of your senior year as a capstone mentor. You both have brought a lot of meaning and purpose to an incomprehensible year!

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