Some students are able to experience a full immersion in psychology at SUA by not only taking courses in SBS but also by getting involved in my research and doing a capstone in psychology.

The challenging yet fulfilling Capstone experience further solidified my belief in evidence-based approaches to social problems and the much needed patience and perseverance along the discovering journey.

Jianmin Shao, Class of 2017

Doctoral student in Psychological Science at UCI

Featured several times on my website as a capstone student, RA, and current colleague, Jianmin is also the first author of a publication that appears in the Journal of Counseling Psychology and is currently a doctoral student in the Department of Psychological Science at UCI.

The full citation to our article is: Shao, J.*, Chang, E.S., & Chen, C. (2018). The Relative Importance of Parent-Child Dynamics and Minority Stress on the Psychological Adjustment of LGBs in China. Journal of Counseling Psychology.