Project on Youth Attitudes examines high school students opinions on controversial topics, who they tend to discuss topics with, and who is the most influential in shaping their attitudes.

This is a timely project inspired by capstone student, Alicia Davis (Class of 2019), in reaction to recent political campaigns and social movements.


body image

Culture, Body Image, and Weight Management Project with Jianmin Shao (class of 2017) and Yuying Tsong, PH.D investigates how beauty standards via parental interactions can potentially influence young adult body image and weight management. We are currently analyzing and collecting data.


Shared Agency for Occupational Goals (with Jacob Shane, PH.D. and Ana Varvak, PHD) examines how young adults in the transition to adulthood perceive how others are involved in helping them achieve their occupational goals. Currently, we are analyzing data on young adults from ages 18 to 29 after asking them about how their mothers, fathers, mentors, and romantic partners are involved in their occupational goals.