Speeches and Writings

Speeches and Talks 

During the academic year, I am honored to give short speeches to the Soka University community, as well as to represent Soka University at various higher education and science conferences. Below are copies of some of the talks given during those events, and links to the conference or meeting where they were given. Also please note – written versions of the talks are more complete expositions of the subject than may have been actually uttered, either due to time constraints or lack of eloquence!  The written versions also have references and footnotes, which I hope are helpful.

AY 2019-20

Dialog between China and the West, January 3, 2020, Peking University, “Global Liberal Arts and New Institutions for 21st Century Higher Education,” invited talk to global liberal arts conference sponsored by Chen Yidan Foundation and Peking University.


Education and Jobs of the Future: Developing Qualified Human Capital to Secure the UAE’s Progress, November 12, 2019, Abu Dhabi, “Educational Strategies and Challenges for 4IR and Beyond,” invited talk to UAE’s Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research.


AY 2018-19

Welcoming Speech to students and parents of the class of 2022 (August 9, 2018)

Text of talk for Opening Academic Session 2018

Talk at the SUA Library September 21, 2018 on “Primary Documents to Published Research” about “Evanescence and Permanence, and Original Sources in Astronomy.”


Presentation on “Liberal Arts in Asia” at the SUA Western Conference of the Association of Asian Studies, October 20, 2018.


Opening Words for SESRP conference at SUA, Feb. 10, 2019.

Opening speech for SESRP 2019

Opening Words for SUA Micro-conference on Africa and Development and Decolonization, SUA, Feb. 16, 2019.

Opening speech for SUA microconference on Africa

Opening Words for the Second Annual Symposium on the Culture of Peace, SUA, March 30, 2019.

Opening words for Culture of Peace 2019 conference

AY 2017-18

Welcoming Speech to students and parents of the class of 2021 (August 10, 2017)

Welcome Speech for incoming students of the Class of 2021

Welcome Speech for Parents of the Class of 2021

Talk for the Huntington Library First Light Conference, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Mt. Wilson 100″ telescope (November 17, 2017)


Presentation on Global Citizenship in 2018 at the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) meeting, Washington DC (January 25, 2018).


Opening Address for the Soka Education Conference (February 17, 2018)

Opening speech for Soka Education Conference by Bryan Penprase

Opening Remarks for Student Movement for the Culture of Peace Symposium (March 10, 2018)

Opening speech for Student Movement for the Culture of Peace Symposium


I also have been writing on various topics related to higher education and astronomy and include copies of a few of those pieces below.

Book Chapter on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Higher Education (to be included in volume Higher Education in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ed. Nancy Gleason, published by Palgrave Press.


Recent paper on Supernova 2017cbv with student author Jerrick Wee (Yale-NUS College), submitted to Astronomical Journal. 


Chapter on “Interdisciplinary Science Courses in a Global Context” to be published in STEM education monograph published by Stylus Books.