Message from the President – SUA

President’s Welcome Message

World Summit of Educators

June 12, 2016, Pauling 216


I would like to welcome everyone to the World Summit of Educators, and express my deepest appreciation to those who traveled from all over the U.S. and the world. We are honored to have participants from 30 countries representing every continent at this historic event.

I would also like to recognize the Graduate School, especially the graduate students of our MA Program in Educational Leadership and Societal Change, for taking the lead in planning the Summit together with the support of the administration behind the scenes. I am very happy to see their efforts showing today as they planned for many months while focusing on their studies. Thank you. (possible applause)

It is my hope that you will hold meaningful discussions over the next two days which will lead to the Declaration to the world on the subject of education for global citizenship.

Finally, I want to thank Ambassador Chowdhury, a dear friend of our University and of our university founder, Daisaku Ikeda, for agreeing to moderate the World Summit of Educators. Thank you Ambassador Chowdhury.

And once again thank you one and all for your presence here today. Thank you.

Danny Habuki