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Welcome to the website of the World Summit of Educators (WSE), an international gathering of rank-and-file educators dedicated to the establishment, through education, of peace, human rights, and the sanctity of life as universal norms. Held at Soka University of America over two days, June 12-13, in 2016, the Summit took its inspiration from a talk delivered by the founder of the University, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, twenty years earlier at Teachers College, Columbia entitled “Thoughts on Education for Global Citizenship,” in which he called for just such a summit. The founder’s hopes and expectations found their impassioned realization in the work of the first and second cohorts of the University’s new MA Program in Educational Leadership and Societal Change. Without their voices, their thoughtful and painstaking planning and organization, the Summit would never have materialized when it did or as it did. The website is a testament to the fact that the work of the Summit is not over, however. We invite you to participate in the ongoing dialogue and in the action plans that we hope to see follow from it around world.

12th-13th June, 2016 Soka University of America