Our faculty in the Soka University of American Life Sciences Concentration are a dynamic group of teacher-scholars who are top researchers in their fields and who are also excellent educators who have years of experience working with undergraduates and involving them in their research. Below is our listing of faculty, who include experts in a wide range of fields, including biology, chemistry, physics and environmental sciences.

Image of Zahra Afrasiabi

Zahra Afrasiabi

Associate Professor of Chemistry


Faculty Profile Page: http://www.soka.edu/about_soka/staff/Faculty-Full-Time/zahra-afrasiabi,-phd.aspx

Lisa Crummett

Associate Professor of Biology


Faculty Profile Page: http://www.soka.edu/about_soka/staff/Faculty-Full-Time/lisa-crummett,-phd.aspx

Marie Nydam

Assistant Professor of Biology


Faculty Profile Page: http://www.soka.edu/about_soka/staff/Faculty-Full-Time/marie-nydam,-phd.aspx

Susan Walsh

Associate Professor of Molecular/Cell Biology


Faculty Profile Page: http://www.soka.edu/about_soka/staff/Faculty-Full-Time/susan-walsh,-phd.aspx

Phat Vu

Associate Professor of Physics and Director of Science and Mathematics


Faculty Profile Page: http://www.soka.edu/about_soka/staff/Faculty-Full-Time/Phat-Vu.aspx

Robert Moyzis

Visiting Distinguished Professor of Biological Chemistry


Faculty Profile Page: http://www.soka.edu/about_soka/staff/Faculty-Full-Time/robert-moyzis.aspx