Sada Sud (Class of 2018) Attends Major Political Science Conference

Sada Sud attended and presented a research [poster at the Western Political Science Association Conference in San Francisco on March 29-31, 2018. She reported:

“The academic value gained [through the conference] was immense. I was able to talk to other academics and undergraduate students interested in Middle Eastern geopolitics. Questions and inquiries raised by them served as a helpful insight into what more could be added to the draft of my capstone as well as what I need to focus on and clarify in the revision process. (…) After my poster presentation, I attended another panel on political discourses, which had a variety of papers being discussed, including the impact of voice pitch on political perception. (…) Overall, my capstone writing experience and research skills acquired at SUA prepared me well to make the most of this conference.”

Sada’s participation at the conference was partially supported by INTS funding.



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