INTS Hosts Dr. Andrea Bartoli, the president of the Sant’Egidio Foundation for Peace and Dialogue

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On February 10th, Dr. Andrea Bartoli lectured on “The Community of Sant’Egidio and the Insight of Approach: The Challenge of Understanding Peace-Work”. Dr. Bartoli introduced the main pillars of the Sant’Edigio Foundation; prayer, service to the poor, and peace. Based on the Christian community values, the Foundation is committed to protect and serve whoever is in the moment of need and to establish peace and reconciliation to tackle the roots of suffering caused by war and conflicts.

Dr. Bartoli argues that war and conflict are powerful through their normalization. “War is using people. It’s only peace that has the capacity to release peace”. Dr. Bartoli stated that “peace as yearning”, advocating that when “people stop listening to the voice of those living in poverty, peace is silenced”. Based on the principle that “seek what unites not what divides”, the Foundation has strengthened its commitment to promote interreligious dialogues for peace. Three SUA’s students Leonardo Salvatore (Class of 2022), Rebecca Bennett (Class of 2021), and Ashley Bustamante (Class of 2022), conducted the Q&A session on the practices of the Community approach in peacebuilding in conflict resolutions. Dr. Bartoli concluded by stating the importance of dialogue not as a reactive form, but as a form of listening to the sufferings of others as the first step to conflict resolution.

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