Working at a premier liberal arts university like Soka has taught me a great deal about teaching, and I continue to hone my skills each semester.  Soka University of America’s small class size, diverse student body, and energetic talkers have made for a wonderful laboratory through which I have been able to develop my courses.

Courses Taught
An Introduction to the Pacific Basin (PacBasin Syllabus)
Spring 2020; Spring 2019; Fall 2017; Fall 2016, Fall 2015, Spring 2015, Spring 2014, Spring 2013, Spring 2012

INTS 150: An Introduction to Southeast Asian Studies (INTS 150 2016)
Spring 2018; Spring 2017, Spring 2016, Fall 2014, Fall 2013, Fall 2012, Fall 2011

INTS 305: Democracy & Democratization (INTS 305)
Fall 2018; Spring 2017, Fall 2014, Fall 2012

Shane Talk

INTS 365: State & Society (INTS 365)
Spring 2020; Fall 2017, Fall 2015, Fall 2013, Fall 2011

INTS 381: Political Islam (INTS 381)
Spring 2018; Spring 2015, Spring 2013

INTS 382: Political Buddhism (INTS 382)
Spring 2019; Spring 2016

INTS 450: Armed Conflict in Southeast Asia (INTS 450)
Spring 2014, Spring 2012

POLI 324: The Politics of Southeast Asia
Spring 2011, University of British Columbia

POLI 220: Introduction to Comparative Politics
Summer 2007, University of British Columbia

Learning Clusters
Every Winter block, Soka is home to its innovative ‘Learning Cluster’ courses, three week intensive courses in which students and professors collaborate to do something, well, different.  This is one of my favorite things about teaching at Soka, as the below topics might attest, especially when we get to leave campus and learn in situ.

2019: Indigenous Development in Asia (LC 2019 Syllabus)

2018: Southeast Asian America (LC 2018 Syllabus)
Mahesh 04

2017: Multiculturalism in Asia (LC 2017 Syllabus)
Group 2017

2016: Liberal Arts Education: In Comparison and Action! (LC 2016 Syllabus)LC 2016 Pic

2015: From Field to Cup: The Politics, Economics, and Ecologies of Sumatran Coffee (LC 2015 Syllabus)
LC 2015 Pic 2

2014: Intimate Economies: Sex, Tourism, and Sex Tourism in Southeast Asia (LC 2014 Syllabus)

2013: Power in Movement: Mass Transit in Comparative Context (LC 2013 Syllabus)

2012: Growing Up Tough in  Sumatra: Child Rights in Indonesia (LC 2012 Syllabus)LC 2012 Pic

Soka University of America demands that every student must write a senior Capstone project.  Each student must select a Capstone Mentor to guide them through this process, providing the professor an opportunity to help students develop their research skills.

2018-19: “Gender Equality in Vietnam: Promises and Reality”; “Constitution, Citizenship, and Statelessness”; “Into the Melting Pot? Diasporic Assimilation in the United States”; “Myanmar’s Ethnic Problem: History, Conditions and Solutions”

2017-18: “Why Do Refugees Receive More Attention Than IDPs?”; “Changing Japanese Attitudes towards Security”; “China’s Political Learning”; “Sports and Political Identity”; “Australia as a Regional Power”

2016-17: “Multicultural Hawaii: Seeking Autonomy”; “Interrogating Conventional Wisdom of Fossil Fuel Divestment at Universities: Fiduciary Duty and Impact Potential”

2015-16: “Minority Groups in Islam”; “Understanding the Value of Religion in Social and Political Life”

2014-15: “The Violent Insurgent Group: Defining the Relationship between the State, the Insurgency, and the Population”; “Ethnic Conflict in China: A Comparison of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia”; “The Middle Class: Are We There Yet?”; “Moderating or Radicalizing: Inclusion and Moderation in Turkey, Tunisia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Palestine”; “Japan and Southeast Asia Respond to the Rise of China”; “Social Perception of Cults in Comparative Context”; “Pariah’s Path to Change: Motivations, Conditions, and Strategies for Reform in Myanmar”

2013-14: “Analyzing the Relationship between Conflict Termination and Positive Peace”; “Punk Wants Out, Rap Wants In: Youth Subculture Power Relations and Exporting American Genres”; “Social Capital and Development in Comparative Contexts”

2012-13: “Centralization in the European Union and Decentralization in China: Diverging Trends in Political Liberalization?”; Promoting Transparency in Developing Countries”; “The Causes of the Thai Sex Industry and Its Effects on Women”; “Constructing Terrorism: How the United States’ Interests Shifted the Definition of Terrorism”

2011-12: “Fighting for Tibet: Evaluating the Divergent Goals and Strategies of Tibetan Activists”; “Attackers and Defenders of World Cup Soccer”