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In this journal the past is prolonged to the future in one of the most exciting learned journals available today
-Angus Fletcher

About Annals Of Scholarship


Since 1980 ANNALS OF SCHOLARSHIP (AOS) has been promoting the study of the development of methodological and historical criteria in all the disciplines with an emphasis on the interaction between Art Practices and the Human Sciences in a Global Culture. Our recent issues have alternately focused on three interdisciplinary and transnational areas.


  • Contemporary Cultural Stategies, e.g. America Abroad, John Ashbery, Outing Whiteness: Race & Representation of Race
  • The Contemporaneity of the Renaissance & Enlightenment, e.g. Exchanges and Transactions in the European Renaissance; Rethinking Objectivity
  • The Legacy of Transnational & Interdisciplinary Scholars (Carol Kay, George Gibian)