Alum Josie Parkhouse

Josie graduated from SUA with a concentration in International Studies in 2014. After forming a nuclear disarmament club (Student Movement for Nuclear Disarmament) at SUA, she worked for three months for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation in Santa Barbara and continues to work for them remotely. She also started volunteering for Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament when she moved to London and works on other nuclear disarmament-related projects.


What is your best memory as an International Studies concentrator?

Taking part in the UN Study Tour and visiting the UN headquarters in New York. Who knew that two years later I would be visiting again but this time to talk there!

How did International Studies prepare you for life after SUA?

I was able to use the skills and knowledge from International Studies to pursue a Master’s in Global Politics. In particular, the capstone project helped me greatly in other writing and researching assignments I’ve done.

Do you have any advice for current International Studies concentrators?

Start to develop your interests at SUA and act on them. Create a club or organize an event with external speakers; not only are they valuable skills but you can use them for networking.

Posted Spring 2017