Career Services

Have you thought about how you will fulfill the SUA mission to be “global citizens committed to living a contributive life”?

  • Will you contribute to the world by attending grad school and becoming an educator?
  • Will you become a Foreign Service officer, so that you can impact diplomacy around the world?
  • Will you join the Peace Corps so that you can impact developing nations? How about working for the greater good in non-profit or for a human rights NGO?
  • Or will you impact others through a career in business or the arts?

Any of the career avenues described above offer a chance to live a “contributive life.” How can you ensure that you will have the chance to reach your dream and impact world?

First, you must prepare early by understanding yourself and what abilities and interests you have while identifying the areas in which you will make the greatest impact. Then, you must know what steps to take to lead you in the direction of your goals.

The services available to help you succeed include:

Personal Career Counseling
Personality and Strengths Assessments
Resume preparation and review
Practice Interviews
Workshops and employer information sessions
Grad school advice/prep
Summer Internship Grants of $4,000
Job Search strategies, job postings and resources

The earlier you begin, the more prepared and confident you will feel about your next step in an International career.

Careers available to SUA graduates of International Studies include, but are not restricted to the diplomatic service, U.N. and other inter-governmental organizations, NGOs, Peace Corps and Americorps volunteers, news correspondents as well as international sales representatives, lawyers and much more.