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SUA Conference: Disease and Disease Control in Eras of Globalization

On Friday and Saturday, 22-23 September, Soka University of America will host a variety of experts to discuss approaches to disease control in the contemporary world.  Organized by INTS professors Ian Read and Michael Weiner, this promises to be a fascinating event!

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INTS Guest Speaker: Heidi Hardt (Wed 16 November)

How NATO Remembers: Institutional Memory in Crisis Management Operations

Dr. Heidi Hardt, UC Irvine

Wednesday, 16 November at 5pm in Maathai 207

International organizations such as NATO have carried out hundreds of crisis management operations aimed at ending violence. Yet one strategic error in an operation can have deadly consequences. Scholars have widely examined organizational learning without examining the pre-condition for learning: institutional memory. Dr. Heidi Hardt will discuss findings from her book project that examines how international organizations acquire memory from their failures at a time of increased turnover. She draws on her interviews with 120 NATO officials.

INTS Guest Speaker Nicholas Onuf (Wed 05 October)

The Value of Theoretical Thinking
Nicholas Onuf, Professor Emeritus, Florida International University

Wednesday, 05 October at 5pm in Maathai 207

Nicholas Onuf is credited with introducing constructivism to International
Relations and has made additional contributions in the areas of international
theory, international legal theory, and social theory. Dr. Onuf is Professor
Emeritus of International Relations at Florida International University and
serves on the editorial boards for Contexto Internacional, Cooperation and
Conflict, European Journal of International Relations, Iranian Review of
Foreign Affairs, Journal of International Political Theory, IPS: International
Political Sociology, International Relations, and International Studies
Quarterly. He received his PhD from Johns Hopkins University.

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