Alum Mitsuko (Anna) Ikeda

Mitsuko (Anna) graduated from SUA with a concentration in International Studies in 2006. Although currently living in Las Vegas, she works remotely as a Program Associate, Office for UN Affairs, Soka Gakkai International. ai


What is your best memory as an International Studies concentrator?

I enjoyed being able to take courses that touch upon a variety of topics and issues related to international studies, such as human rights, the UN and world politics, international economics, as well as creating a learning cluster on child labor, and participating in the MUN activities. It was also an interesting and important time to be a student of international studies (well, it always is) as it was shortly after 9/11 and there was so much focus on globalization in the literature.


How did International Studies prepare you for life after SUA?

When I started my MA in international human rights at the University of Denver immediately after SUA, I felt that my undergraduate education had prepared me well for grad school. My colleagues were often complaining about how demanding the work load was. It certainly was, partially because of the 10-week quarter system, but it was not too overwhelming. As I was used to small classroom sizes, group projects, and interdisciplinary approaches at Soka, I excelled in the MA program.


Do you have any advice for current International Studies concentrators?

I’d take advantage of office hours of the professors, as they are always welcoming and helpful. Also feel free to take courses in other concentrations. For me it helped me conceptualize my capstone and my later research projects in graduate programs.


Posted Winter 2017