Alum Megumi Tanaka

Megumi graduated with a concentration in International Studies in 2011.  She is now SUA’s Alumni Relations Coordinator.


How did International Studies prepare you for life after graduation from SUA?
International Studies allowed me to expand my horizon and understand that there is not a single history, but rather many different histories. Post-graduation, I continue to meet people raised in different cultural settings and INTS training allows me to take a moment to try to understand the person for who they are without making assumptions. It allows me to step down from my ego and understand that multiple truths can coexist

What is your best memory from your INTS classes?
I remember the countless times when I would be reading article after article concerning a historic occurrence and it finally hits me that each article is only a snippet of the truth. That was what got me hooked on history.
Do you have any advice for current INTS concentrators?
Take as many courses as possible! When you study, read every material because the prep work allows you to get that much more out of class discussion.

Posted Fall 2016