Course Offerings

LIT140 Introduction to Literary Studies
Inheriting Traditions
Lit 317: Murasaki Shikibu (John Kehlen)
Lit 211: Classical Asian (John Kehlen)
LIT 290 Forms of Comedy
LIT/ES 230 Thinking Through Nature
Lit 290: Film and Nation: Eastern Europe (Oleg Gelikman)
Lit 210: 20th Century American Writing & Culture (Jim Merod)
Lit 205: 19th c. American Writing & Culture (Jim Merod)
Lit 302: Shakespeare (John Kehlen & Jim Merod)
Hum 310: Early Modern European (TBA)
Encountering the Future
LIT 4XX Critical Theory
Hum 4XX: Media and Experience (Oleg Gelikman)
Phil 311: Philosophy and Literature (Jim Merod)
Hum 444: Music and Literature (Jim Merod)
The Novel Cycle: LIT 341
Fall 2016 Literature and Terror: Dostoevsky, Conrad, Nabokov
Fall 2017 Sōseki and Murakami
Fall 2018 Contemporary Novel
Pièce de résistance