Previous Capstone Students

Student’s name “Capstone’s title”Mentor’s name


Byers, Sydney “Climate change, ocean acidification, and the environmental management of Pacific Islands” – George J. Busenberg

Chica, Joan “TransMilenio, a solution for what? Promises brought upon TransMilenio unfulfilled” – Deike Peters

Gotschall, Ioanna “The policy implications of sea level rise in Kiribati”  – George J. Busenberg

Ikeda, Masakazu “Comparison between German and Japanese solar energy management” – George J. Busenberg

Kemlage, Kylee “Mate choice in an invasive species: Gambusia affinis″– Anthony Mazeroll

Kitamura, Akiko “Effectiveness of the HOV system and the yellow clean air vehicle decal program on Interstate 5 in Orange County, California” – Diya Mazumder

Kuki, Yumiko “The intersection of urban agriculture, food justice, and urban planning in South Los Angeles” – Deike Peters

O’Connor, Valerie Escherichia coli in the environment: a case study comparing recreational and non-recreational E. coli densities in the LA river” – Anthony Mazeroll

Park, Elissa “Sex secrets: The gendered connection to the non-human” – Tomas Crowder Taraborelli

Tan, Cai “Effects of sulfate and nitrate on methane production in an urban wetland” – Robert Hamersley

Trinidad, Erika “The sonic Red Line: analyzing the sonic identity of the Los Angeles Metro Red Line” – Deike Peters

Whyte, Alexander “Air and water pollution in Taiwan” – Monika Calef

Yasue, Hideaki “Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) as the solution to transportation and urban challenges in Jakarta: An analysis of the Japan International Cooperation Agency’s pre-feasibility study for Tangerang City” – Deike Peters

Zhou, Yuye “Journey to the mind of nature —A comparative analysis of the Western and the Eastern human-nature relationships through philosophy and poetry” – John Kehlen



Boutin, Christina Approaching the nonhuman: navigating art, abjection, and ambiguity for a post-natural ecology”Oleg Gelikman

Chin, Fook Hong From master-planned suburb to Asian Ethnoburg: the impact of out-migration of whites vs. in-migration of Asians on the social diversity, residential segregation, and built environment of Irvine, California”Deike Peters

Cox, William Evans Environmental Protection at Camp Pendleton” George J. Busenberg

Goshert, Dominic The spread of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa: how do rapid urbanization and climate change contribute to it and what are the most effective strategies for eradication?”Deike Peters

James, Jade Catherine Changes in Swallow Tailed Kite migration and population between 1980-2016″Monika P. Calef

Loh, Wei Hong “Solar energy potential in Malaysia”Monika P. Calef

Ma, Yu-An “The modern human food system – case studies from the U.S., Taiwan, and Japan”Michael Golden

Maddex, Sean Improving integrated waste management systems in Argentina”George J. Busenberg

Mizuishi, Hiromitsu The policy viability of carbon taxation for climate change mitigation”George J. Busenberg

Murayama, Akemi “Japanese energy policy after the Fukushima Disaster”George J. Busenberg

Takahashi, Sachiyo “Renewable energy in California, Germany, and Japan”George J. Busenberg



Burnett, Amelia Grace “Mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia: solidifying our place culture and ecology and performing our histories in cultural expression”Michael Golden

Hagiwara, Hidemi “Analysis of the 2015 climate change conference”George J. Busenberg

Hashimoto, Hiromi “Climate change and informal urban settlements: building resilience for the urban poor in Nairobi Kenya”Deike Peters

Horibe, Satsuk “Water audit of Soka University of America”M. Robert Hamersley

Kanaoka, Koichi “Inhibition of methanogenesis by nitrate and denitrification intermediates in wetland sediments”M. Robert Hamersley

Lee, Clarisse See Mon “Ecological sustainability planning in Hawai’i: a critique of the Hawai’i 2050 Plan and the proposal of the indigenous ‘Aha Moku natural resource management system”Deike Peters

Levitt, Kayleigh “Laguna Coast Wilderness Park: politics of the ecological imaginary”Edward D. Lowe

Tamura, Eri “Aquaponics: opportunities for sustainable food production”Anthony Inder Mazeroll

Ueno, Sachiko “The impact of climatic parameters on the wildland fires in San Diego County”Monika P. Calef

Witt, Stella Zoe “River ecology and ecological restoration: a case study of the Los Angeles River”Anthony Inder Mazeroll

Zelmar, Renae “Local-international interfaces in sustainable urban development in Latin America: complexity and discursive hegemony”Deike Peters


Cheong, Wee Leng “Transportation and environmental justice in south Los Angeles”Deike Peters

Clemens, Lauren “Marine protected area management in Southern California”George J. Busenberg

Dinh, Anne “Methanogenesis and denitrification in wetland sediments”M. Robert Hamersley

Madrid, Luisa “Mine your own business: corporate social responsibility in the mining industry”George J. Busenberg

Morikawa, Kiyomi “Biohazard waste management in Southern California and India”George J. Busenberg

Peck, Nicholas M “The fishing industry and the environment in Japan”Anthony Inder Mazeroll

Rader, Yoko “Effects of labeling and environmental education on consumption preferences”George J. Busenberg

Tran, Vinh “Genetic diversity of methanogens in a Southern California freshwater wetland impacted by urban runoff”M. Robert Hamersley


Good, Amanda N “The effect of climate change on the frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean”Monika P. Calef

Maaliki, Ranya “Environmental education in protected areas of Orange County: the Laguna Wilderness”George J. Busenberg

Marasovich, Leia Vita “Retrofitting Aliso Viejo Town Center through ecological design”Deike Peters

Perry, Aaron Matthew “Striving for a transit-oriented Orange County: case study on development conditions of the Anaheim Regional Transportation Center”Deike Peters

Randolph, Sarah Elizabeth “In search of the Los Angeles public: the L.A. River as a site for cosmopolitanism”Edward D. Lowe

Stucker, James “Electronic waste policy in California”George J. Busenberg

Yurwit, Yona “Farmers markets and local food access in Orange County California”Monika P. Calef


Diaz, Juliana “Wetland restoration: a comparison of the Chesapeake Bay and the Newport Bay restoration projects”Monika P. Calef

Fujii, Mariko “Sustainable neighborhood development”M. Robert Hamersley

Gauthier, James Cole “Aliso Viejo green city initiative and Mission Viejo green building program: how local governments can successfully implement and promote practices of environmental protection and sustainability”George J. Busenberg

Izumi, Seiichi “Mega-solar projects in Japan: development and management practices”George J. Busenberg

Java, Madhavi “To what extent does organic farming contribute to environmental protection?”George J. Busenberg

Lorenzo, Silda Effects of temperature on the reproductive rate of Betta splendens in relation to climate changeAnthony Inder Mazeroll

Murakami, Yusaku Lee The coastal management of Newport Beach George J. Busenberg

Nakamura, Ai “Groundwater nutrient pollution in an urban wetland in Newport Bay California”M. Robert Hamersley

Nomura, Nicole “Hemp: a sustainable renewable resource” – Monika P. Calef

Takeuchi, Masayuki “Biogenic greenhouse gas fluxes from an urban freshwater wetland fringing Upper Newport Bay in southern California”M. Robert Hamersley


Choudhury, Nandini Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) infection in captive Anurans: a disease survey”Anthony Inder Mazeroll

Khatiwada, Shishir “US media and nuclear power”George J. Busenberg

Maynard, Nathaniel John “Same same but different: the ecological impacts of the Blue Gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus) in Peru”Anthony Inder Mazeroll

Moromisato, Erika “The effect of incubation and water temperature on the embryonic development and hatching rates of the African killifish Fundulopanchax gardneriAnthony Inder Mazeroll

Orui, Sachik “The relationships between humans and other animals: case studies of National Institute of Biodiversity and the Jaguar Rescue Center in Costa Rica”Ryan Ashley Caldwell

Ryu, George “Greenhouse gas fluxes across sediments of an urban freshwater wetland”M. Robert Hamersley

Spivey, William “Effect of groundwater from urban development in Newport Bay California”M. Robert Hamersley

Starinieri, Nicholas Gian “Comparison of the nutrient uptake ability of four aquatic macrophytes” Anthony Inder Mazeroll

Takishima, Yui “Laguna’s protected natural areas: development and management” George J. Busenberg

Whone, Annalise “Competition between exotic and native California grasses: passengers or drivers of ecological change?” Anthony Inder Mazeroll


Chen, Erica “Oil spill response at sea”George J. Busenberg

Chua, Chuen Kiat (Johnny) “Offshore oil and environmental management in the United States”George J. Busenberg

Helgerson, Heidi Kathryn “The progression of marine oil pollution prevention in the United States”George J. Busenberg

Holmatov, Bunyod “Heavy metals in wetland water impacted by urban runoff”M. Robert Hamersley

Kan, Cheng Kuan “Understanding carbon dioxide footprint at Soka University of America” Mario Robles

Kishi, Masatoshi Mickey “Anaerobic co-digestion of mature landfill leachate with synthetic wastewater in an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor”M. Robert Hamersley

Koike, Alvin “The study of antioxidative properties from naturally derived products”Mario Robles

Mitsuoka, Nobuko “Cadmium accumulation and potential use for phytoremediation of Californian plants”Mario Robles

Nakajima, Masaru “Pollutant mass fluxes in wood canyon wetland”M. Robert Hamersley

Shimizu, Akira “Respiration in wetland sediments receiving urban runoff”M. Robert Hamersley

Shoji, Tyko “The fate of groundwater nutrient inputs into a freshwater marsh in Newport Bay California”M. Robert Hamersley

Williams, Gregory Scott “Projecting sustainability: a conceptual history and new directions”Oleg Gelikman

Yamamoto, Ami “Solid waste management in Japan and the United States: environmental impacts of incinerations and landfills”George J. Busenberg


Kikuchi, Taeko “Environmental management of the Prima Deshecha landfill”George J. Busenberg


Ueda, Amy “Water demand management measures in Southern California: a policy analysis”M. Robert Hamersley


Goundar, Krishneel “Volumetric differences in the brain structure for spatial cognition in two species of poison-dart frogs D. pumilio and D. auratusAnthony Inder Mazeroll


ES became an official concentration in 2009 with Professors Mazeroll, Hamersley, Robles (who left in 2011), and Busenberg.


Prof. Calef joined in 2010 and Prof. Peters in 2013. All other capstone mentors on this page are from other concentrations.