Opportunities for research experience, internships and jobs

There are a variety of ways that you can gain research and job experience working in your academic field. These kinds of experiences can be important in helping you be admitted to graduate school, medical school, or other programs. Research experience can also help you obtain internships or begin your career after you graduate.

Paid Opportunities

Many professors hire Research and Laboratory Assistants to assist them with their research. There are also employment opportunities at the Soka Instructional Garden and Aquaculture facilities. Look for on-campus student job opportunities with Human Resources (SUA Internal) or speak directly with a professor.

Independent Study Courses

These courses, taught at the advanced (300 and 400) level allow you to design own your learning experience with a faculty member. An Independent study course might be an opportunity to engage in laboratory, field, or other research, or might be linked with an internship or other external learning experience.

Capstone Research

During your senior year at Soka University, you will explore a topic of your choice during your Capstone Experience. In this year-long project you will gain in-depth knowledge about a topic chosen by you and your faculty mentor within your field of concentration, drawing upon all the skills and knowledge you have developed during your career at Soka. The Capstone Experience is required for all undergraduate Seniors.

Topics Studied by Previous ENVST capstone students

Research Experiences Outside SUA

Students have conducted Capstone Research in laboratories outside of SUA, including the University of California, Irvine, and Soka University in Japan. Many students have presented their Capstone research at international and local conferences, where they have the opportunity to network with students and faculty in their chosen research area. Other student have had their work published in academic journals.


Sample conference presentation based on Capstone research presented at the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation Conference in San Diego, 2013.