Monika Calef, Ph.D.

(Ph.D., University of Virginia)
Associate Professor of Physical Geography
Director of Environmental Studies


“My research interest is the boreal forest of Alaska and how it has changed over time due to human activity, fire, climate change, and natural cycles. My recent research combines spatial analysis and modeling using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to better understand human-fire interactions, in particular how humans are affecting fire frequency and extent.”

Courses Taught:

  • Regional Geography of the Pacific Rim (GEOG 110)
  • Intro to Physical Geography (GEOG 250)
  • Intro to Geographic Information Systems (GEOG 350)
  • Advanced GIS (GEOG 400)
  • Biogeography (GEOG 440)
  • Nature and Humanity (BIO 110)
  • Natural History of Orange County (LRNCLSTR)
  • Natural History of the California Deserts (LRNCLSTR)
  • Modes of Inquiry (INQUIRY 100)
  • Core II (CORE 200)