M. Robert Hamersley, Ph.D.

(Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Soka Profile
Associate Professor of Microbiology
Laboratory Director


My major research interest is in the aquatic cycles of carbon, nitrogen, and other macroelements as mediated by plants and bacteria. I am especially interested in the nitrogen cycle, particularly denitrification, anammox, and nitrogen fixation, and how the relationships between plants and bacteria mediate these transformations. My work spans aquatic environments from wetlands and lakes to estuaries and the open ocean. More recently, students in my laboratory have been exploring the linkages between methanogenesis in wetland sediments and nitrogen cycling.

Courses Taught:

  • Introduction to Climate Change (EOS 302)
  • Water Resources (EOS 322)
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Gardening (EOS 280)
  • Biogeochemistry (EOS 446)
  • Environmental Design (EMP 248)
  • Environmental Microbiology (ECOL 360)
  • Nature and Humanity (BIO 110)
  • Medical Microbiology (BIO 148)
  • Oceanography (PHYS 123)
  • Modes of Inquiry (INQUIRY 100)
  • Learning Cluster