Monika Calef (Ph.D., University of Virginia), Associate Professor of Physical Geography, Director of Environmental Studies


“My research interest is the boreal forest of Alaska and how it has changed over time due to human activity, fire, climate change, and natural cycles. My recent research combines spatial analysis and modeling using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to better understand human-fire interactions, in particular how humans are affecting fire frequency and extent.”

George Busenberg (Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Associate Professor of Environmental Management and Policy
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“My research examines the processes and consequences of policy change, with a focus on major environmental issues such as marine oil pollution, nature conservation, and wildland fires.  Every academic year there is an opportunity for one student research assistant to work with me on my research projects, with the work focusing on literature searches, editing, and the building of databases in the area of environmental management and policy.”

M. Robert Hamersley (PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), Associate Professor of Microbiology, Laboratory Director
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My major research interest is in the aquatic cycles of carbon, nitrogen, and other macroelements as mediated by plants and bacteria. I am especially interested in the nitrogen cycle, particularly denitrification, anammox, and nitrogen fixation, and how the relationships between plants and bacteria mediate these transformations. My work spans aquatic environments from wetlands and lakes to estuaries and the open ocean. More recently, students in my laboratory have been exploring the linkages between methanogenesis in wetland sediments and nitrogen cycling.

Anthony Inder Mazeroll (Ph.D., Northern Arizona University), Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies
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I am a Fish conservation ecologist with a variety of research interests.  The bulk of my work is on the impact of exotic species in the aquatic ecosystem, specifically, in the Peruvian Amazon and Cambodia.  I also am interested in dispersal patterns of fishes.

Deike Peters (Ph.D., Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University), Assistant Professor of Environmental Planning and Practice


“How can we create cities that are both socially just and environmentally sustainable?” This is the big question that permeates all my work. Much of my recent research has focused on controversial urban megaprojects. My research assistants at SUA have been able to contribute to two major reports outlining best practices for the redevelopment and redesign of major rail stations along California’s planned new high-speed rail corridor. Students also contributed to other recent published work focused on urbanization patterns across the Pacific Basin and on ‘right-to-the-city’ issues in Santa Monica, California.

Additional faculty teaching cross-listed courses:

Michael D. Golden, DMA

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       Professor of Music Composition and Theory, Director of the Creative Arts Program

Oleg Gelikman, PhD

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       Associate Professor of Comparative Literature

Diya Mazumder, PhD

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       Associate Professor of Economics

Robert Allinson, PhD

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       Professor of Philosophy