Alum Nate Maynard

Nate graduated from SUA with a concentration in Environmental Studies in 2012.
He currently works as a consultant for the Chung-hua Institution for Economic Research in the Center for the Green Economy in Taipei, Taiwan. There Nate and his coworkers research, promote, and provide government recommendations on the circular economy. They also help Taiwanese companies implement sustainability initiatives and connect with international environmental networks.

What is your best memory as an Environmental Studies concentrator?

Field research in Cambodia and Peru studying fisheries. Also, working in the labs.

How did Environmental Studies prepare you for life after SUA?

I was more than prepared for my masters of arts in international environmental policy. With a background in hands on research the scientific aspect proved easy to grasp. And coming from a strong policy/intercultural basis the “soft” aspects of the program came quickly as well.
Then of course the autonomy gained and experiences abroad at Soka prepared me well for my Fulbright research in Taiwan.

Do you have any advice for current Environmental Studies concentrators?

Push yourself to do “real world” research. Work with professors and seek out grants. Take internships in the community and connect your study abroad experience to your future work. You get out of the program what you put in.